Works in Progress


Tuesday 6th March
Doors 7pm. Performances from 7.30pm
Bootleg Social, 30 Topping Street, FY1 3AQ


Join us on Tuesday 6th March to watch and support artists sharing new works in progress.
Doors 7pm. Performances from 7.30pm. 



Self-Creation explores the duality of creation and destruction that exists within all of us. Why do we find it so easy to hurt ourselves and those around us whilst struggling to take care of ourselves and others? Why am I still not happy? How do I stop being depressed?

Sean Patrick Brown is a Blackpool-based writer, actor, radio presenter, poet, occasional stand-up comedian and Associate of Form Blackpool. Sean has been supported by Form to develop a new show based on his personal struggle with depression and his subsequent recovery.

Warning: this performance contains gunshot and violent content.

Background People

‘I stare at the shower cleaner. Eve-ry-day. If I buy it, the bottle states I must use it every day (for the rest of my life). Am I capable of such a commitment?’

Background People is a series of short absurdist stories exploring the line between commitment and obligation through spoken word, theatre and live art.

This new solo show focuses on routine, relationships and place (and the 107 decisions crammed in between). It is an offering to the audience. It is an unashamed celebration of human messiness.

BP is for anyone that has ever been at the front and wanted to fall to the back, or for anyone that has ever felt like part of the background with no way of getting to the front.

Martha Pailing is a spoken word artist and performance maker with a background in theatre and live art. Her works are a merged outcome of honesty and fantasy, primarily interested in emotions, concepts, people and places that excite and frustrate. Martha has performed in venues across the UK from London to Edinburgh and is currently a Resident Artist at the Roundhouse.


There will be a short opportunity for discussion after each performance. Martha and Sean would like to ask you questions about how you understood or related to or felt about their short works, and to invite you to ask them questions.

Questions will be asked to the whole audience, not select individuals(!), and participation is optional – you’re also welcome to just sit back and relax. We hope this will be useful for the artists in building and reflecting on their work, and for the audience in finding out more about what you’ve just seen.

More information

Works presented may contain language/material of an adult nature.

Unfortunately, Bootleg Social is downstairs and is not accessible by wheelchair at this time. If you would like assistance please contact us via or message Form Blackpool on Facebook.


Bootleg Social is a roughly 5-7 minute walk from Blackpool North station. If you are planning to travel from outside of Blackpool by train please check your journey in advance, as there are replacement buses between Preston and Blackpool. Hopefully you’ll still have enough to get home. If not feel free to contact us for hotel recommendations.


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