Links to a mix of theatre and performance podcasts from artists, producers and events.

Scottee – After the Tone

This is no longer updated, but it’s a lot of fun. Once weekly podcast of voicemails from strangers left on Scottee’s answer machine.

Stage Left

Stage Left with Jen Harvie is an active podcast of interviews with people who make art and culture, especially performance makers.

Exeunt Legacy Tapes

The Legacy Tapes is series of interviews with artistic directors about legacy and leaving something behind in the ephemeral medium of theatre.

Mayfest Radio

Mayfest Radio returned for it’s 3rd year as part of Mayfest 2016 and recorded interviews and discussions with artists taking part in the festival.

Live Art Uk : LISTEN

The first currently only podcast on Festivals has talk on counter culture, creating utopias and how Buzzcut and Certain Blacks came about.

Live Art Development Agency – Fifteen minutes with (2014)

“A series of short dialogues with some of the exceptional artists and thinkers that LADA has had the pleasure of working with over the last 15 years.  Using the lens of the Agency and the occasion of our 15th Anniversary, the dialogues will reflect on how critical some of these shifts have been, not only to Live Art, but to the wider culture of the UK.”

Summerhall TV

An arts channel dedicated to capturing the visually weird, the socially radical, and the artistically wonderful including Summerhall’s theatre and gallery spaces, libraries, micro-museums and archives. Summerhall is an arts venue in Edinburgh.