Mentoring / Space / Show your Work
Artist development activities – January to March 2018
Deadline: midnight Sunday 29th October. 

Leg room is the smaller cousin of last year’s Framework artist development programme. Form is looking to work with one or two more theatre and performance artists in Blackpool who have made a demonstrable commitment to making their own independent performance work. You will join the two artists that Form is already working with in this activity. 

We are organising:

  1. Mentoring
  2. Free rehearsal space
  3. A work in progress contemporary performance event

You can apply to participate in one, two, or all three of the above. Complete this form to register your interest. Read the information below before applying.

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A two-day period in January/February 2018 where two to four artists will meet with the artist mentor Peader Kirk. This will be an opportunity to talk with an established Director who can try to help you work through challenges you are facing in your performance practice and to move forward. You will need to have identified something specific you would like to work on and achieve.

These are some examples of why you might take part in this mentoring:

  • Discuss a sticking point in your practice.
  • Discuss personal challenges to making work: confidence, motivation.
  • Develop new skills for making work and add to your toolkit.
  • Share your work and receive feedback i.e. if you have had limited opportunity to do this so far.

There’s a lovely interview with Peader Kirk here if you would like to read more about him. Peader teaches across the UK including at Royal Central School of Drama and mentors award winning independent artists internationally. We love working with him for his versatility, positivity, and wisdom.

Free rehearsal space

This space is tailored to you, and your availability, to develop work. We have the capacity to support one or two artists with rehearsal space who are also taking part in mentoring or the performance event.

We found in previous activities that some people really benefited from rehearsal space, and considered it pivotal, both practically and psychologically, to making work. Other people however didn’t need the space available. If you are requesting rehearsal space, please think carefully about how you will use it and what would work best for you.

Work in progress performance night

An event dedicated to the presentation of short works of contemporary theatre and performance (10-15 minutes long each) in February/March 2018.

In addition to Blackpool artists we will invite artists from the North West. Please note that this event will have limited tech. Sound tech and limited lighting (LED parrs) will be available.

This event will be promoted as an evening of short contemporary works and will be open to the public. There will be a tech run through during the day.

Guidance (please read before completing the form)

-These activities are for experienced Theatre and Performance artists who have made a demonstrable commitment to making their own independent performance work. You will already have at least 10-30 minutes of practical performance material now, and you will have been working on this for some time.

-We can only consider applications by artists working across Theatre and Performance on this occasion.
-You will have identified something meaningful that you would like to work on, and will be able to demonstrate why you are interested in these activities and how you think they will be useful to you.
-You will be living in Blackpool or nearby, within 10 miles of the centre.
-You will be making new, contemporary work. It doesn’t necessarily have to look like the work we programme.
-If you are applying for mentoring, you will be happy to show the artist mentor at least 10 minutes of performance material when you meet, and to talk about what you would like to work on and what you would like help with.


-If you become a participating artist you will have the capacity to give your time and energy; by attending appointments, rehearsals, and responding in a timely manner to correspondence.
-Please only apply if you are ready and have the level of experience described. It is important that you are genuinely ready in order that you can benefit from these activities.

We look forward to hearing from you.