Photo David Hoyle: Homeward Bound

About Form

Form is a contemporary Theatre & Performance project in Blackpool. We’re interested in creative possibility, for art and shows to be anything from playful and fun to imagining a different world. Form programmes some of the most exciting contemporary theatre artists across the UK. Often the work Form programmes explores creative possibility in ways that are imaginative, ordinary, playful, political, radical, queer, experimental, feminist, contemporary.

Creating experiences for local artists to grow and develop is at the centre of what we do and want to be doing: through artist development programmes, work in progress nights, and championing opportunity. 

Local artists

Form’s doors are open to all local artists working across theatre & performance at every level. The best way to get involved is to write to us, telling us about you and what you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you. Form organises artist development activities: workshops, mentoring, residencies. Usually these are tailored to local theatre artists in Blackpool – so this is another reason to get in contact and make an introduction.

For upcoming activities make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up to the mailing list. And have a look at the Useful Links for Artists page.

Online network

Anyone in Blackpool interested in making, watching or supporting performance is encouraged to join the online group here. Join to discover local events, funds, opportunities, and other people in the community.


Programming enquiries and introductions from local artists can be sent to

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